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The Ethereum smart contract-based Casino offers a 0% house edge and solves the casino transparency question once and for all.

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Online Casinos - Price and Transparency

The online gambling industry was valued at USD $45 billion in 2016. However, it has two major problems: the price of the gamble and transparency. The price of the gamble comes from unfriendly user rules: a large house edge of 1% - 15%, Money deposit/withdrawal fees. and 2 - 3 days withdrawal delays. Besides that, there is no way of knowing what is happening inside the casino servers and how the mechanisms are programmed. It can be easily manipulated. Players need to rely on trust in the casino which is not the best option in such a profit-driven industry.

Source: statista
Online Gambling industry growth.

Rise of the Cryptocurrency

In 2008, Bitcoin solved the gambling price problem. It offers instant money transactions without any fees, anonymity, a 0.01% - 2% house edge and more. Cryptocurrency gambling is on the rise with 890 million BTC wagered in 2016, a market value that has grown by 37% from 2015.  Cryptocurrency gambling has become a choice for many. However, it still has not solved one major problem: transparency. Most casinos provide a method called a ‘Fairness Check’ to prove their transparency. However, at this point, Fairness Check does not work and casinos still have the full power to cheat against their own players.

Edgeless Ethereum Casino

Using the power of the Ethereum smart contract, we are introducing the Ethereum-based Online Casino which offers ZERO edge for its players and 100% transparency.

Absolute transparency

The random number generator is based on an Ethereum Smart Contract which is completely public. This means that everyone can see everything that is occurring inside the servers of the casino.

0% House Edge

Our casino will offer games that are solely based on skill and luck. If played perfectly, people will have a 0% edge gambling experience. However if players make mistakes; the casino will profit in the long run.

Legally compliant

We have a casino license which includes: strict terms and conditions, responsible gambling information, account registration as well as other needed requirements to fit into a legal framework. In this way, we support legal and responsible gambling.

Instant money deposits and withdrawals

Instant and cost-effective cryptocurrency transfers will provide instant money deposits and withdraws for the customer, while regular casinos hold your money for 1 - 3 days before remitting it to you.

Over the last couple of years, Edgeless team has built our platform using ethereum blockchain technology and 'smart-contracts'



Blockchain enthusiasts launched an ethereum smart - contract based slot machine.
This was the first decentralized slot machine ever created on a blockchain.


After tons of positive feedback from the blockchain community, team named themselves “Edgeless”
And announced the next game: 0% house edge Black Jack running on smart - contracts.


Edgeless announced plans to conduct an ICO
(before ICO’s were cool. During that time only hard-core blockchain enthusiasts used to understand what one was.)



ICO successfully finished raising 47.000+ ETH.


Edgeless launched it’s platform for 800 randomly selected users from the Edgeless and blockchain community
Main objective was to test the platform and provide feedback to the team.


Casino license was acquired from a legal jurisdiction.
Edgeless becomes first ever smart - contract based casino which is legally compliant.



Edgeless launched version 0.2 of the platform to the public for early adopters.
0.2 version has successfully programmed state-channel technology allowing for fast smart - contract computation.


Edgeless releases Dice game. It become a #1 game in the platform and wagered 33 millions EDG in first 3 months.


Edgeless introduced 1.1 version. It came with an improved UI/UX experience, features for gamblers such as history or statistics and improved mobile experience.


Edgeless released Baccarat game, one of the most favorite games in Asian market.


Edgeless launched Crash game, the first multiplayer game on the platform with a great succes not only in gamblers market but within investors as well.


Edgeless opened a social gaming platform for all the markets.


Edgeless opened Staking. Community staked more than 1.5 million EDG in less than 24 hours.


Edgeless opens new UI/UX and a Jackpot. Coming with a new design, gamification elements and a strong visualisation new platform came up with a Jackpot for the players as well.


The board behind Edgeless

Firstly, he is a father and a husband. Secondly, he profoundly enjoys developing centralized and decentralized systems. He is a university educated Information Systems Engineer who has been working in IT for more than 10 years. He is now focusing on smart contracts and Ethereum-based decentralized apps that he sincerely believes will make a better world. His most recent project is etherslots, a Dapp built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ignas Mangevicius

Chief Technology Officer

Tomas is coming in from the field of P2P technologies, the sharing economy and FINTECH industry. He was working as digital marketer in a platform called “SAVY”. It is a peer to peer lending platform which connects investors to consumer loan offers. Currently, Tomas owns an IT development company which specializes in Mobile App Development. His key competences which are needed for Edgeless Casino are: digital marketing, and operations management

Tomas Lukosaitis

Chief Operating Officer

In 2008 - 2013, online poker was on the rise and a lot of new players were jumping into the game. At that time, Tomas  decided to study the math of probability and poker. Later on, his direction changed to investing, cryptocurrency and digital marketing. He was a CEO of a marketing agency - Convi Design, which provides solutions to start-ups in the field of conversion rates and sales funnels. Additionally, he is investing in other startups.
His key competences which are needed for Edgeless Casino are: probability math and models, gambling theory and psychology, digital marketing, product management and development.

Tomas Draksas

Professional Gambler and Poker Player

She studied computer science at the University of Salzburg and the Politechnical University of Madrid. Julia has gathered over eight years of experience as a software engineer, working for different international companies, and then founded JAM Data. Julia specialized in IT-Security and later blockchain technology with a focus on Ethereum smart contract development. In Blockchain technology, she sees the potential to increase transparency in governmental operations as well as business processes, thereby reducing corruption worldwide. When not working, she is traveling around the globe or practicing Yoga.

Dipl.-Ing. Julia Altenried

Head of Edgeless Development Team

Stefan was formally educated at the University of Salzburg. His career started 15 years ago as the e-commerce department head for Austria's largest bicycle retailer. He's a professional mean-fullstack engineer and early blockchain enthusiast. Currently, he is consulting for companies regarding decentralized applications. Stefan sees blockchain technology as a powerful tool to bring equal chances to developing countries. He is a fitness-freak and passionate about exploring foreign cultures.

Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Höller

Head of Edgeless Solidity and Blockchain Team

Paolo Rebuffo is a cryptocurrency investor and senior advisor/strategist of "Digital Identity". His work is related to search and analysis of valuable blockchain-related projects. "Digital Identity" has its own development team that is currently working on the bitcoin and ethereum blockchains. They also do direct financial investment in other crypto projects such as Gnosis, Eidoo and Monetha. Besides that, he actively travels the globe and meets blockchain project teams in person.

Paolo Rebuffo

Advisor of Edgeless Project Blockchain Investor and Analyst

Ransu is the co-founder and CEO of Revoltura, the company behind BitcoinETI, Europe’s first bitcoin-backed exchange traded instrument. BitcoinETI is listed on the Gibraltar Stock Exchange and traded at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Ransu is also an escrow for several blockchain projects. Additionally, he is an active blockchain community member and believer in decentralization.

Ransu Salovaara

Advisor of Edgeless Project CEO of and