Spanish brand ambassador

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About the job

We are searching for a person to join our team and help to create a strong customer - casino relationship within our Spanish community as well as attract new investors from this area, spread the message about the project and grow the brand within the Spanish industry. It is going to be a job with a lot of challenges since blockchain casino industry is new for most of the users but what is the most important aspect, everything will be in your hands! 



Fluent in Spanish & previous experience growing the brand in the Spanish industry.


Knowledge about blockchain industry/casino industry or both, & Interest in the blockchain gambling industry.


We do not want to check you all the time, and just be sure that the job is being completed to the high standard expected and all of the customers are happy.

Excellent communication skills

Being able to manage difficult situations and unsatisfied clients as well as to keep calm, kind and open for all the potential customer problems.


You are able to decide by yourself after fastly gathering the necessary data and information. 


Flexible working space (you can work from any country in the world)

Being a part of fastly growing start-up 

Monthly paid salary (motivation system)

Joining blockchain and casino industries

Want to be a part of the first Ethereum smart contract-based Casino?