Jobs at Edgeless


Our culture derives from a blockchain community too. Our company values self-autonomous responsibility. That means every person working for Edgeless gets the level of responsibility he or she wants. Additionally that person has full ownership of responsibility. This is naturally expected from the entire group, so everyone can rely on each team member.


Our location

Our main office is in Vilnius Lithuania, but Edgeless can be found all over the world.


We are internally transparent. This significantly improves the level of trust, helps for faster communication and decision making. And strongly complements our previous value which is self-autonomous responsibility.


We have a large interest in the latest technology. Since we are building technology in a new sector, and one that is still developing, jobs can only be performed by enthusiasts in the sector.

Employment benefits

Snacks at the office

Conferences coverage

Inspiring working atmosphere

Working with blockchains

Tech-surrounded culture

Flexible working hours