Update on EDG token infrastructure

Hello EDG tokens holders! We are happy to announce updates on:

  1. EDG token logo
  2. EDG token in ETH wallets
  3. Token Verification by Etherscan

We have uploaded the official logo of our token to github

EDG token on ETH wallets

EDG token is already added as a “default” token on Parity and Myetherwallet.

This is how a token looks on parity as a default token

And EDG token on myetherwallet as a default token

Regarding other ETH wallets: other ETH wallets still require adding EDG tokens manually. If you have it, add it manually using a token address: 0x08711d3b02c8758f2fb3ab4e80228418a7f8e39c (DO NOT SEND ETH HERE)

Token Verification by Etherscan

EDG token is successfully verified by etherscan and added to their ETH token list: https://etherscan.io/tokens

Etherscan tracks all ETH blockchain movement including movement of our EDG token.

Some upcoming news:

  • This week we are officially launching Edgeless Beta Black Jack on Ethereum testnet
  • This week we are publicly releasing the Montecarlo simulation of Black Jack rules so people can test it on their own and simulate thousands of hands

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