Product update #3 from Edvinas

Hey guys,

As always, to bring you up to speed on what we’ve been working on, I’m back with this months product update. This one is a little delayed — it has been quite the hectic time here at Edgeless! 

So, without any further hold-ups, let's take a look at the numbers from March, and then I’ll give you the low-down on what the team has achieved so far this month.

- 55,814,709.62 EDG wagered on Dice.

- 1,645,833 EDG wagered on Slots.

- 111,418 EDG wagered on Baccarat.

- 750,156 EDG wagered on Blackjack.

- 297,701.5 EDG wagered on Crash.

- 2,265,662 EDG wagered on Roulette.

Also, to date, Edgeless has given out all of the winnings from all 4 Jackpots as well as over 100,000 Jackpot keys.

So, as you can see, Edgeless’ Roulette has become the second favorite game since it's release. There is no doubt that the Free Spins feature significantly contributed to its popularity. Edgeless had already predicted that it would be highly unlikely that any other game would beat Dice’s total wagered sum.

Speaking of Dice, the team will be introducing a small 1% house edge to the game. And there's a reason for doing this. Edgeless will offer generous bonuses to acquire more users and to increase the utilization of the EDG token. This, of course, leaves the casino vulnerable to wagering abuse and fraudulent users. The team will work to avoid such instances at all costs.

Now let's talk about new promotions

Welcome package. An aggressive welcome bonus for new players will be the first promotion released next week. Edgeless will match new players’ deposits up to 7 times. In order to release the bonus, the package will include wagering requirements. This will prevent the abuses mentioned above.

No deposit bonus. This promotion is as simple as it sounds: new players are awarded with free slots and roulette spins for registering on Edgeless casino. The team believes this will significantly increase Edgeless’ chances in the competitive gambling market. Think of it as a nicely packaged faucet!

Invite a friend bonus. This bonus will be the first step to the renewal of Edgeless’ affiliate or referral program. It will allow users to get awards when they promote the Edgeless casino. For the first iteration, Edgeless will award players with Jackpot chests or free spins for each friend they invite.

Jackpot. The team has updated the Jackpot mechanics and will leave the 100,000 Jackpot for longer periods of time. Also, Edgeless is working on ideas and concepts so that every bet will contribute to progressive Jackpot growth or healthy key economics.

The implementation of these promotions took a week longer than expected and now Edgeless is finalising some last bits in relation to legal requirements, terms and conditions and product development. The team is nearly there, and Edgeless can expect to start aggressive marketing campaigns next week!

So let’s finish up with a couple of cherries to look forward to, shall we?

Gearing up to release the latest game — Treasure Hunt — the team is also working on creating Free Spins for other games as well as developing additional concepts for the games with a Jackpot included. All these additions are to be introduced very soon.

Next week is shaping up to be a pretty exciting next step for the growth of Edgeless.

Stay tuned!


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