Product update #2 from Edvinas

Hey guys,

It’s been quite a busy time for the product team here at Edgeless HQ since the last update, and I'm pretty chuffed to share with you the latest developments and upcoming releases!

But first, here are some numbers from January:

- 54,338,195 EDG wagered on Dice

- 7,690,338 EDG wagered on Slots

- 7,479,151 EDG wagered on Baccarat

- 5,218,428 EDG wagered on Blackjack

- 1,227,408 EDG wagered on Crash

Those are some impressive digits, but due to lack of incentives for new user acquisition, new depositor adoption fell by more than 50% since December’s Jackpot — which is the very reason why we are working on new games and promotions to attract even more active and regular players. But more about that a little later.

Let's now take a closer look at some of the best bits from January.

Edgeless extended its partnership with Changelly, one of the world's leading crypto exchange services. Since then, the casino has been experiencing a diversification of altcoin traffic: so far deposits have been made using currencies such as DOGE, DGB, ADA, ETC, as well as many more. I think this is a great sign of growth as Edgeless continues to adopt an even broader altcoin user base.

We have been gearing up to release our new game Roulette, which will go live this month. Roulette is generating excitement amongst Edgeless players, it’s a significant game changer because it will introduce new features to the entire Edgeless casino that we hope will be very attractive for new players. Let's run through these features one by one:

Multiple ways to win. Our roulette will have a special bonus round where users can win Jackpot keys. Yes, that's right — we are integrating Jackpot into all of our games.  

Free spins.
To make roulette even more exciting, a free spin feature will be added. Roulette will be the first game to offer a free spin to new and existing users as a bonus. Other games will follow with this update shortly after. Here's a glimpse of how it will look:


Additional chests and bonuses.
No matter what games you play, Edgeless will start to track your wagering and offer you an additional chest with bonuses. Here's a quick look:

The primary focus at Edgeless is to stimulate user base and the team believes that all of these new developments are essential first steps towards growth. Edgeless expects these new features to go live this month.

So that about wraps it up! But before I sign off, I’ll leave you with a little somethin’ special. Here’s a preview of Treasure Hunt — the latest game we’re working on:


Game on!


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