Product update #1 from Edvinas


I’m Edvinas, Head of Product @ Edgeless, I’m responsible for the casino’s changes and updates, which you all have been observing for a while now. It's very nice to introduce myself!

In December, Tomas announced to the community that starting from the new year, Edgeless will communicate the short-term direction of the company more frequently.

Edgeless is a lean start-up which is developing a pioneering, technologically-challenging product. In addition, Edgeless is operating in a newly-emerging, highly-turbulent industry that experiences major changes almost every two months. Due to the nature of this business, Edgeless needs to be exceptionally lean and to adjust to changes incredibly fast.

By being lean, Edgeless can

- acquire users as quickly as possible,

- respond to market needs right away,

- select priorities related to current situations in order to stimulate growth,

- communicate with the community more often on relevant, real-time issues.

As Tomas has mentioned, in Q1 the team plans to create up to four new games on the Edgeless casino as well as additional Jackpots. Starting from January, every month I will be introducing accurate and up-to-date information on what the Edgeless product team is working on and answering your questions on the development of the casino. I truly believe that this step will help to optimise community experience.


Edgeless’ goals for January to February are based on the casino’s performance results achieved in December. I will explain why. In the middle of December, Edgeless introduced a new design, a more user-friendly interface, faster registration, a 100K EDG Jackpot, and our latest game  — Slots. In the short term, these updates and features helped Edgeless to acquire users faster than ever before!

Key numbers from December 13th-31st:

50% user growth compared with any given week in 2018.

Players played 2 times more compared with any given week in 2018.

10% of players deposited in BTC, ETH or LTC via Changelly at Edgeless.

19,540 keys were sent to Jackpot participants.

Almost 1 million EDG wagered on Slots.

A 50% retention rate of Edgeless users who have deposited again.

Main takeaways:

The Jackpot concept is working well and we will continue to improve it.

New and existing casino players like Edgeless’ UX and UI updates, including the new design, faster registration and easier deposits.

Casino players with other cryptocurrencies joined the Edgeless casino.

Slots success was due to its simple rules and new interface.

Not only did Edgeless attract new users, but the retention rate also shows that our current players remain loyal too!

What's next

In order to acquire more users and to improve on last month's key numbers, Edgeless dev team will focus on three features during the upcoming months:

1. Launching Edgeless’ first new game of 2019 — Roulette.
This game is very popular among casino players, and most people are familiar with the simple rules of roulette; in fact, it is one of the most sought after games among community members. And we are going to add a little twist to it — Edgeless Roulette will feature a bonus game — a concept never seen before. We hope players will like this additional chance to win.

A sneak preview of our new game — Roulette

2. Developing an even better Jackpot. Because we’ve seen huge success with our New Year’s Jackpot, we’ll go further by allowing our players to receive chests not only for depositing but also by wagering in our casino. Hopefully, that will make our casino more competitive and attractive to even more players.

3. Implementing a bonuses and promotions system.
This will include not only acquiring Jackpot chests for wagering and depositing but also free spins or game rounds on any of our games and deposit bonuses for new and existing players. By doing this, we’re looking to boost conversion rates and attract more new players.

I’m looking forward to introducing these features to our casino and to the Edgeless community. I hope this will be a very amazing start to the new year and that 2019 will bring forth a new Edgeless chapter. Also, I want to thank the entire Edgeless product team. You are doing an amazing job of making Edgeless better each day.

Best wishes,


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