Participate in Edgeless Baccarat VIP pre-testing

After releasing the new updated 1.1 version of Edgeless, the team are not stopping there. Edgeless will launch Baccarat  this week! But before that; as promised the one and only and never tried VIP pre-testing! Do you want to be the first one trying Edgeless’s new game? It is highly possible. There will be 10 VIP testers of Baccarat and each one of them will be chosen for different reasons:

  1. The biggest Edgeless blogger
  2. One Youtube vlogger
  3. The best player of Edgeless casino platform []
  4. One person who retweets the post - []
  5. One person who will be the biggest social media partner (based on retweets, shares, comments)
  6. One active member from the Telegram community []
  7. One active member from Kakaotalk
  8. One randomly chosen active platform user []
  9. One randomly chosen Edgeless Fifa World Cup participant (not necessarily a winner of the matches prediction) []
  10. One person from the new Edgeless Spanish community []

The VIP competition happens from Monday 2PM GMT+3 (25th of June) till Tuesday 4PM GMT+3 (26th of June).

There will be only one person for every category and this person will get an early access to try out Bacarrat, where while others will be still waiting, they will be able to play the game even with their own EDG tokens. 

Keep in mind that participants need to have an account on

Want to be first? - Then participate now!

Stay tuned!



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