Overview of 1.0 Edgeless — new UI / UX


You may have missed our latest news : Edgeless (0.2 version) is now deployed on Ethereum Mainnet Blockchain.

In the last 5 days we already have 500 early adopters registered through KYC, making deposits, withdrawals and gambling using our very own EDG tokens.

Since the launch, our users have played over 18000+ hands of Blackjack which has well exceeded our expectations for the current 0.2 version.

That’s incredible, because Edgeless has become the FIRST Ethereum ICO project which has solved smart — contract scalability issues and started generating real results for the business. That’s an enormous victory for the entire blockchain sector.

Other ICO projects promising smart — contracts are still in a ‘white-paper’ stage.

So, what’s next?

Now it’s all about user attraction. The more users we have, the more REAL value we deliver — and the more feedback we get to guide a product into right direction.

Based on current feedback from users of blockchain services (including Edgeless), the key challenge is user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design.

For most people, blockchain is still perceived as an overcomplicated service, with lots of new concepts to understand, such as gas price, private keys, crypto storage and crypto transactions.

These questions prevent widespread integration of blockchain services.

In order to make it happen, the UI / UX has to be way more simplified. The average user must see real benefits from a blockchain service without being overwhelmed by the technical jargon. The overall service experience has to be intuitive, otherwise blockchain services will not be able to compete with centralized and traditional services.

Thus explaining our next focus: Flawless UI/UX.

Introducing Edgeless 1.0.

The focus of our new version (anticipated for Q1 2018) is to prepare the entire service for massive user adoption, so we can start larger marketing campaigns. We’ll launch 1.0 with a new Dice game: more details coming soon!

Exciting additions to come in Q1 2018 — New UI/UX + New Dice Game + Bankroll Staking

Key features of Edgeless 1.0 include:

improved design of entire platformsimplified registration processflawless mobile experiencestatistics dashboardsocial elements, including chat

New Design + Chat

Simplified registration

Mobile experience which feels like an App

Statistics and dashboard for players


Stay tuned!

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