News again: Edgeless (EDG) token will be accepted as collateral on HODL Finance

Since the first day, HODL Finance has been thinking of ways on how to help everyone of you to get the best out of your crypto holdings.

We’re happy to announce today that HODL Finance is teaming up with Edgeless — First Fully Transparent Decentralized Casino!

“Edgeless was chosen as our partner because it is the only legally regulated blockchain-based casino in the world. EDG token was ranked as a top crypto token last year by Bloomberg!”, Vytautas Zabulis, Managing Director of HODL Finance says.

“EDG holders, similarly as any other crypto-asset holders, will be able to retain their crypto-assets while enjoying fast, secure and untaxed loans from HODL Finance at the same time”, Vytautas adds.

What does it mean to our growing community of EDG holders? It means that in addition to the most popular cryptocurrencies, like BTC and ETH,  Edgeless token (EDG) will be also accepted as collateral to get USD / EUR loans from HODL Finance.

“Partnership with HODL Finance is beneficial to both parties. First of all, it provides additional liquidity to our current EDG holders that are granted new use opportunities of our great token. Second, it broadens HODL Finance clients base even more”, Tomas Drakšas, Co-Founder of Edgeless says.

V. Zabulis also added, that the company is planning to allow the use of EDG and other partner tokens on HODL Finance platform as early as autumn of 2018.

HODL Finance is a leading financial institution for the age of new digital economy. Serving clients around the world, HODL Finance issues USD / EUR loans, while accepting cryptocurrencies, partner tokens, and other digital assets as collateral. HODL Finance was established in 2018 by the team behind the commercially successful European P2P lending platform, SAVY.

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