Next week's update: Edgeless will come out with the new design and reveal the secret of upcoming games!

The team here at Edgeless are skipping with excitement to finally unveil the brand-new design and reveal the long-awaited plans for the company’s next batch of Ethereum-powered games. Next week is going to be oh-so-interesting... and here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming weak!

Although the plan has always been to expand the offering of games on the Edgeless platform, the team are keeping the big idea under wraps until it is closer to completion. Next week the team are hoping to see the hard work pay off big time, as team rolls out the following updates in the new 1.1 version of Edgeless:

  • Improved UI/UX experience
  • New clean look on the platform
  • Individual game history for each player
  • Improved games statistics (more statistics will be shown)
  • Ability to hide the chat
  • Gamification elements (user avatars)
  • Improved mobile experience that will make playing on your phone easier and more enjoyable

And last but not least, team will also be announcing the next two games that Edgeless will have even though they weren't on the roadmap! So, the expanded roadmap will be clear!

If you’re half as excited as the team about the next chapter in the Edgeless gaming story, please keep your eyes and ears peeled for news next week. Some big surprises are underway!

Stay tuned!



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