Monthly Update #October

October is already over and if you haven’t followed the Edgeless project daily, here are six of the most important events that have happened to Edgeless during the beginning of Q4.

Marketing Updates

Whilst our Telegram investor community has stressed the importance of large marketing campaigns and business strategies, our project has come up with some amazing news. Edgeless blockchain casino will be starring in the first international documentary TV series; Blockchain Superstars!

“It‘s a great honor for us to be featured on Blockchain Superstars as this show will be potentially aired to more than 100 million viewers in the US alone and over 50 countries internationally” Tomas stated. Telling our success story to such a wide audience will help Edgeless grow even larger and stronger.

Here is the 1st preview of Edgeless on the show Blockchain Superstars.

Besides that Edgeless was covered on over a dozen media sites in October alone, Tomas also gave an exclusive interview for the website This media site covers an important Eastern European region (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus),  which is one of the key markets for the project at the moment.

Financial Statistics

As we have mentioned numerous times, the growth of the Edgeless project is accelerating. During this month alone the project has reached 100 million EDG being wagered on the platform and the bankroll of the casino has already surpassed 540k EDG.

Whilst in September it was 70 million EDG wagered and around 400k EDG in the bankroll, it is definitely a substantial growth in such a short period of time.

Tomas Insights

Edgeless is one of the longest existing casino projects on the Ethereum blockchain and it gives the team a lot of knowledge and experience. Bearing this in mind, Edgeless co-founder Tomas has started a video series where he will share some of his personal opinions of what will happen with the blockchain industry in 2019 and the near future.

You can find the first video here.

Upcoming design

It is a necessity to look fresh and aesthetically pleasing when you are competing with other online casinos and e-gaming platforms, due to the large and increasing competition in this sector. Visual elements has a huge impact for users engagement and enjoyment.

Bearing this in mind, Edgeless will present a beautiful and an engaging design that was created by analysing tens of thousands of data points from our current casino page.

You can find the short sneak peak into what is coming in this video.


Tomas spoke at the “Crypto Games Conference” in Minsk. It was the first international conference dedicated to games and game services with the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 600 professionals from 25 countries were attending and more than 100 game projects were presented.

Tomas spoke about:

  • Lessons We’ve Learnt Creating One Of The First Working Ethereum Casinos
  • iGaming + Blockchain. What Does it Mean for the Market?

Tomas also gave a wonderful speech about the Edgeless blockchain casino at Rise Vilnius established by one of the UK's leading banks - Barclays.


There is nothing more beneficial for any young business than steady growth and we are happy to share yet another positive month together with our active Edgeless investors. Let’s show the crypto market what Edgeless really is and capable of!

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