Meet our new product manager

We are very excited to welcome a new team member to Edgeless. Edvinas Maciulaitis is our new product manager. He has a huge experience in guiding the success of a product and leading the cross-functional team that is responsible for improving it.

Before Edvinas worked as product manager at:

- Filippo Loreti, the most crowdfunded luxury watch company on Kickstarter. €4.809 million raised within 30 days.

-  Veleza, the world’s leading beauty database. It is  an app-based, supportive community of beauty lovers that helps users discover products that best match their needs providing inspiration, advice and product reviews in real time. L'Oreal invested in Veleza.

-  eTAKSI, the first and biggest mobile taxi application in Lithuania. In local market, Lithuania, this company performs better than well known global brands like Uber.

Edvinas likes/ his hobbies are

- Create music. Often his works are played in Lithuania’s radio stations. Would you like to hear? Press here

- Holdem poker

- Very competitive in table soccer or foosball. Travels to international tournaments

- Just started to collect vinyl records

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