Show me the money: Edgeless user wins 82K EDG at the Slots

In most casino games you can win a fixed amount, but that doesn‘t apply to Slot machines – even with the smallest of bets these games provide big winnings and if you get free spins, your gain can increase by tens, hundreds and even thousands of times. Is the Slots game available at Edgeless casino profitable? You bet! An Edgeless user has recently won more than 82K EDG tokens in one day!

Slots is a truly simple game. Unlike Poker, Blackjack and other popular casino games, with  Slots you don‘t need to study the rules and watch hours of gameplay just to get yourself familiar with the play and rules of the game. All you have to do is choose your bet, press the button and watch the wheels spin. If the pattern of symbols is right, you will get paid instantly.

The game simplicity is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of Slot machines. According to a recent study by VP Communications, Inc., more than half of all casino visitors are gambling at slot machines; they currently account for 80% of profits made on the entire gambling market.

Edgeless casino introduced Slots at the end of 2018, with the belief that it will become very popular and help Edgeless to grow even faster by attracting recreational players. The decision was right; the game is gaining popularity among the casino players at an impressive speed. During the first month alone almost 1 million EDG tokens have been wagered playing this game.

One player got really lucky: in one day alone he won 82,132 EDG tokens. This is the largest amount an Edgeless casino player has won in one day, but in no way is this the limit. If the combination is right, a player can win more than 87K EDG with a single bet or get 10 free spins that multiplies the possible max payout significantly. Besides, free spins can be re-triggered, which means that the final winning amount can increase astronomically.

Are you interested now? Here are the main rules of how to play slots at Edgeless:

  • First, select the stake value (from 2 to 100 EDG) and the lines you want to bet on (up to 20);
  • You might use auto betting which automatically triggers 25-500 spins in a row;
  • After hitting the “Spin” button, wait for the reels to stop;
  • There are three lines with five columns. If the lines you have selected have winning combinations, you will get paid according to the pay table;
  • All symbols pay left-to-right, except scatter which pays any;
  • 3 or more Scatter wins 10 free spins at a 3x multiplier;
  • Free spins are played on the same bet of the triggering spin and can be re-triggered.

Check out the video below to see how it all works and if you want to try the slots game for yourself, register or login here.

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