Edgeless to be featured in Blockchain Superstars TV series

Edgeless has some thrilling news: the company will be featured in Blockchain Superstars – the first documentary TV series that focuses on blockchain technology, featuring interviews with industry pioneers and experts. The TV series will be aired in the US and worldwide starting November 3.  

“It‘s a great honor for us to be featured in Blockchain Superstars, a documentary TV series that will be aired to more than 100 million viewers in the US alone and over 50 countries internationally. Telling our success story to such a wide audience will help Edgeless grow even bigger and stronger,” says Edgeless co-founder Tomas Draksas.

Edgeless made its way onto the Blockchain Superstars list because the company has managed to create a platform that is not only a compilation of casino games but also a social platform. Edgeless is being presented on the TV series as an industry leader, a company that uses blockchain technology, accepts cryptocurrency as a payment method for a service, and offers its users a fully transparent casino.

Edgeless is one of a few blockchain projects that have a working, revenue-generating product. Currently 7 thousand users are registered on the Edgeless platform and collectively these users have wagered more than 70 million EDG tokens on Edgeless games to date.

The Blockchain Superstars episode features an interview with Mr. Draksas and other industry experts from well-known blockchain projects, such as Magical, Renovo, HackerOne and others.

On November 3 the episode will be aired on Fox Business News and on BizTV one week later. The documentary TV series will be distributed nationally in all major designated market areas in the United States and to over 50 countries internationally.

It is worth mentioning that in Asia this show will be aired on Bloomberg Television, which is now the most widely distributed full-time, pan-regional business and financial news channel in the region’s key financial hubs of Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and Korea. Bloomberg Television reaches some of the world’s most affluent and influential viewers in terms of household income, asset value and education level.

Blockchain Superstars is being produced by NextLevel TV Studios (NLTV), the producer of award-winning business and entertainment television programmes. The documentary TV series will bring some of the Blockchain Industry's top experts and Hollywood's brightest A-list superstars into the living rooms of everyday Americans.

The series will focus on what blockchain is, how it works, and the companies and technologies that are predicted to be the next Blockchain Superstars. Blockchain Superstars will talk to experts and industry insiders, interview high ranking government officials and profile 20 diverse blockchain and cryptocurrency companies and technologies that have the potential to make the biggest impact in the upcoming months and years. The series will inform and educate viewers in an editorial/business format.

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