Edgeless Monthly Update #2

For those who haven’t followed the Edgeless platform in the last month, a lot of stuff has happened! It's about time to connect all the dots and get you up to date!

Tomas’ Speech Video  

CGS was a large Gambling conference that happened in Cyprus and Tomas had an honour to be a speaker in it, covering the topic of “Virtual economy merging with a ‘real’ economy” and highlighting how blockchain technology could undertake the ‘real’ economy industries.

The full video is in the previous blog post.

Tomas also had a lovely interview with CNBC corespondent. Wait for new blockchain episodes on CNBC this autumn season.


One of the biggest events that happened last month was the opening of CRASH! Before the public release, the game was tested within the group of VIP testers and it appeared to be a real star since Edgeless received a bunch of e-mails and messages asking to be a part of the VIP testing.

Therefore, after the very successful pre-launch, the game went public on the 29th of August! It became one of the most played games on Edgeless platform with over 250K bets done in the first 10 days and with 1.5 M EDG wagered only in this game.

Crash is not a simple game on Edgeless platform, it is the first multiplayer game that was offered for public and seeing this positive reaction of the current and new users, shows the unrevealed gem of the casino games that needs to be taken into account.

Being such a simple game, that is easy to understand and start playing, Crash is very likeable among new users. And that’s the reveal of the secret - the maximum win is X500, so if you bet the maximum bet of 100, you have the chance to win 50 000 EDG, what is the highest possible win on the platform at the moment.

Withdraw and Deposit

Due to high number of requests and the growing bankroll and interest in the Edgeless project, the team have decided to increase the deposit 10 times with a new limit of 10 000 EDG and increase the withdrawal to 1000 EDG giving more freedom for high betting gamblers.

If you are a new player, it is time to deposit here.

The best player of the week

Just a quick reminder from the Edgeless side, that every week we announce the best player of the platform based on the profit they won in the last week and reward them with 400 EDG to their Edgeless account. Do not miss the opportunity to get this prize, bearing in mind that the number of players is constantly increasing.

Development team

Edgeless is a fastly growing project, with new games coming one after another, there was a necessity to increase the speed and to improve the final product of the platform, therefore in the previous month the team of platform developers doubled. Now we have twice as many developers as we had one month ago, so be prepared, Edgeless will present some surprises for you!


Edgeless wants to share some of the statistics that the platform has. The team is very happy to announce that there has been more than 70 M EDG already wagered on the Edgeless platform, which makes this a huge deal for all token holders.

70+ M EDG already wagered

One more exciting fact is that after the release of Crash, Edgeless overcame 400K EDG token balances on the smart contract, so the project is continuously growing day after day. 

There was also a huge request from the community to share the total of registered users on the Edgeless platform, so the number has already overcame 7K users registered to Edgeless games.  

More numbers will be revealed with the update of staking!

Stay tuned!

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