Edgeless introduces Crash!

Since the release of Baccarat, Crash has been one of the most asked-for game within our community! We are finally ready to introduce Crash!

The VIP BETA testing went smoothly and feedback taken on board, so now the game is ready for everyone to try. Crash is the first multiplayer game offered by Edgeless. When we had a go at it in the office, it has really brought out the competitive spirit in all of us!

It’s time to compete against each other to see who could last the longest before cashing out! Crash is likely to be appreciated by all the crypto fans since it’s very similar to the gamble of investing in cryptocurrencies itself. The players bet and then have to guess, when it is the best time to “sell” or “cash out” before the price crashes! So, be prepared, this game is really addictive - try now!


Stay tuned!

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