Edgeless Casino registration and boarding starts now


Last month, Edgeless acquired a casino license and became the first licensed casino that is using Ethereum smart-contract technology.

The official launch of Edgeless (0.2) and the new smart-contracts on Ethereum main-net is on the 18th of January.

Players will be able to make EDG deposits or other cryptocurrency deposits through a Shapeshift EDG gateway. Winning withdrawals will be unlimited and instant.

Investors page

In the last 9 months, our team wrote a bunch of code, achieved a couple of milestones (1st functioning game on Ethereum main, casino license) and hired new people. Due to huge number of requests, we will re-open our investors page and timeline. New crypto investors will be able to find all necessary information related to Edgeless. The page will be launched before the 18th of January.

ICE gaming conference

Edgeless is invited to the discussion panel on the future of gambling in ICE 2018, London!

One of the largest international gaming events! Edgeless co-founder, who is responsible for public appearances — Tomas Draksas will be on the stage on the 7th of February, speaking about smart-contract applications in the gaming industry. 


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