Edgeless 0.1 is on Ethereum Mainnet.


Feel free to register and try out our 0% house edge Black Jack!

The ropsten version is available for everyone.

The mainnet version is available to people who registered on a tester’s list. Right now, it’s more than 800 people. Additionally, we are giving some free EDG tokens to every new user, so they can make at least 50 bets.

Where I should leave feedback on a 0.1 platform?

  1. In our community’s chat (https://discord.gg/NQ4hPTu), we have a separate channel called “0.1 Edgeless feedback” — feel free to leave a comment there.
  2. You can find a chat bubble on the low right corner. You can also leave a comment there.
  3. On the 4th of October we will send a Google feedback form with specific questions and it will be possible to leave your comments/suggestions there.

What’s next?

Edgeless will be present in a Global Gambling Expo (G2E) which is happening from the 2nd — 5th October, 2017 in Las Vegas. This is a meeting with potential partners, and discussing the future of gambling.

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