Dev. Update #7: 0.1 version functionality

We are getting closer and closer to the 0.1 edgeless launch, therefore every Monday we are releasing the latest development updates on Edgeless Casino.

If you missed updates in the last 2 weeks, the recap is here:

Week 2. Edgeless RNG (filmed footage):

Week 1. Sneak peak to a platform:

0.1 Edgeless platform functionality

Account creation/ login panel

Account creation process

Deposit/ withdraw

RNG and fairness

Player seed options: browser data,, personal input typed manually

RNG speeds: insanely fast

RNG gas: optimized


Games: Black Jack

Betting limits: 0.1 EDG (min.) — 2 EDG (max.)

Bankroll: 50000 EDG

Player balance issue due to prolonged blockchain confirmations: solved, from now on a dashboard will always display a real balance.

0.2 version will have increased betting limits and bankroll. Since it’s a first live version, we want to ensure maximum security and protection from risk due to the increased ethereum hacking events.

Bugs fixes from beta version feedback

in-game split functionwallet generation bugpossibility to double spend ETHfunction table overlappingreal balance delay due to blockchain conformations

Our platform launch, 0.1 version, is happening in Q3. Next week, we are releasing filmed footage of our Black Jack/ inside feeling of the platform. Stay tuned!

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