Dev. Update #3: New Beta Version and Bittrex Exchange

New Beta version is here!

  • Available on Ropsten Testnet so people can try it out for free
  • integration
  • Updated game rules to 0% house edge Black Jack. Now players can: double, split, surrender. You can find our Black Jack rules in our previous dev. update
  • Optimised confirmations. Now our beta version works even faster than before

Tutorial: How to try out our Beta Version on Ropsten Testnet

Video tutorial:

  1. Get chrome extension
  2. Change metamask main net to Ropsten
  3. Fund your metamask wallet with Ropsten ETH using faucet
  4. Go to and create myetherwallet
  5. Fund your Ropsten ETH from MetaMask to your new myetherwallet
  6. Disable MetaMask chrome extension
  7. Refresh the beta page, login with your wallet and check your funded balance. Edgeless Casino detects your Ropsten ETH
  8. Play Black Jack, enjoy and leave us some feedback :)

p.s What are Ropsten net and Ropsten ETH?

Ropsten is a copy of Ethereum Blockchain which has unlimited Ropsten ETH. Ropsten is used for Ethereum dapps testing and development before dapps are launched on the main Ethereum Blockchain.

Upcoming Edgeless Milestones before the Full Version Launch in Q3 2017.

  • Beta Edgeless Lounge Lottery
  • Beta Edgeless Dice
  • New Edgeless Branding and Logo
  • New Edgeless game UI
  • New Edgeless Lead generation page. We are starting an Edgeless promotion among online gambling communities. Collecting leads (emails) and spreading the word
  • Casino licensing and RNG certification

Edgeless Legalities

After receiving a lot of questions asking what is the legal direction of Edgeless Casino; hopefully we can answer it here in a blog post once, and for all. We aim to make Edgeless:

A fully legalised Casino with certified RNG, casino license, terms and conditions and more which are required by gambling laws.

We are about to apply for a casino license (more information is coming soon) and aim to receive a license, together with a full version Black Jack launch which is happening in Q3.

A couple of new changes on our website when it comes to legalities and communication:

  • U.S IP blocking on U.S citizens are restricted from a website. Instead, they see a pop-up related to gambling restriction.
  • Added a new paragraph on “Edgeless Casino” legalities to make sure that people understand that we aim to build a fully legalised casino business.

EDG token Infrastructure

We are really excited to announce that EDG token is finally added on one of the largest crypto exchanges — Bittrex. Original Bittrex tweet: Original Bittrex tweet:

That’s a massive victory for the Edgeless community. 1st day on Bittrex, token has a volume more than 1 million USD + a lot of token liquidity.

Some other small victories:

There are plenty of bounty tokens which are not distributed. You mentioned that you plan to distribute 80% of bounty tokens (7.2 million EDG) with a full launch of Black Jack, right?

In order to protect a token price from bounty dumping, the bounty distribution model is changed; now we will distribute a bounty in smaller chunks over a period of a couple of months. In this scenario, we reach a win-win situation. The token price is protected and bounty participants will get some part of a bounty earlier. More information below:

How the new Bounty Distribution will happen?

The bounty will be distributed in a period of 3–5 months (most of them before a final Black Jack launch) in super small chunks.

Every 1–2 days, we will slowly release 20k — 60k EDG tokens to randomly selected bounty participants.

Our website will display the newest information (from a blockchain) on a bounty distribution, and how much of that is already distributed.

How much of a Bounty is Already Distributed?

We already distributed 20% bounty to all bounty participants.

I am a Bounty Participant and have Problems with a Bounty. What to do?

General bounty questions: PM us on Our profile:;u=926848

Social media bounty questions: write us on

Bounty questions on Email/ Slack/ Telegram/other channels, or btc talk threads, WILL NOT be answered.

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