Dev. Update #2 — Dev. Road Man/ Bounty and many more questions answered

Hey guys,

We just finished a long strategy/ planning meeting which lasted a couple of days. It’s going to be a really exciting year.

Our Beta Black Jack has already been running for 2 weeks. During that period our Black Jack received 1000+ bets. It just works, and it does it relatively fast. So far, it’s the fastest gambling app in the whole Ethereum Blockchain.

Why don’t I receive anything after winning?

Bet size is extremely small. You can bet 0.001 ETH. However, an Ethereum transaction charges a gas price which is more than 0.001 ETH. So while testing on a beta, you pay more as a gas fee than you can win.

My Metamask does not work?

By default, Metamask is switched on Ethereum testnet. Just change it to a main Ethereum Blockchain, and it will function.

Development roadmap. What’s next?

In 2–3 weeks we will have a major update for our beta version. Key features:

1) Edgeless Black Jack rules.

8 decks game

Dealer stands on any 17

Player can double any 2 cards

Player can double after split

Player can resplit up to 4 times

Player can resplit aces

Player loses only original bet against dealer’s BJ

Surrender is allowed

Black Jack pays 3 to 2

If you have any rule suggestions, feel free to write us on Slack or

2) Black Jack beta will be available on Ethereum test net, too, so people will be able to test it without using their own ETH.

3) Beta version will be integrated with myethereumwallet for even better performance. So people will no longer need to confirm a Metamask bet before every transaction.

When will you launch a full Black Jack version with proper bet sizes?

It will happen in June/ July.

What are the main deliverables you need to do before a full version launch?

Black Jack smart contract auditing/ testing

Legalities and Casino License

Creating new Edgeless Branding

Creating new Edgeless UI

Will there be any other games besides Black Jack?

Black Jack + Edgeless Lounge: Q2, early Q3 (June/ July)

Russian Poker, Dice: Q3

Casino bankroll investment program: Q3 (more info will be released in the future)

Updates on Bounty program.

We have already distributed the first bounties (20%) for a signature, translation, blog bounty programs.

Next week, we will distribute social media bounties and community management bounties (once we finish the ongoing investigation).

In the next two days, we will send emails for all Twitter/ Facebook Edgeless Bounty participants requesting that a wallet address be provided.

The other part of a bounty (80%) will be distributed with a full version Black Jack launch, which will happen in June/ July.

For bounty claiming instructions, please read:

For any questions regarding bounty, please write us a PM on BTC talk forum. Also please be patient. Since we have 3000+ bounty participants and receive hundreds of messages a day, it takes time to respond to every message and check each case.

Update on exchanges.

Why does it so long??

Edgeless Token is not a regular service token. It’s a GAMBLING token. The gambling industry has much stricter regulation laws and rules. For a serious exchange, adding an Edgeless Token is not the same process as with any other non-gambling token. Exchanges need to check/ evaluate any legal risk and make sure that everything fits into a legal framework. It takes time, and it cannot be done in a day or two. Also, exchanges do not want to risk their business for speed.

So, any positive news?


Right now, we have already started a legal token integration process with a couple of large crypto exchanges. We cannot publicly mention exchange names, while it’s in process, and everything is under NDA.

Announcements and listings will be published in a period of 1–2 weeks.

P.S. One of the exchanges is already finishing :) Official announcement will be made in 3–4 days.

But hey, I’ve seen some gambling tokens added before in exchanges?

Yes, there are plenty of growing exchanges which can easily add a gambling token. However, most of these exchanges are shady/ low reputation exchanges. It’s not all about adding an Edgeless token to any random exchange just for the sake of having it as soon as possible. We also have strict criteria for exchanges which we want to be listed on. Our token on a random exchange poses a legal risk or a damaged brand. Adding our token is like giving the right to an exchange to sell a “casino chip,” and, as mentioned above, that’s not the same as for any other non-gambling related tokens. Secondly, we aim to build Edgeless as a top class brand which will be recognized worldwide (something like Poker Stars). Therefore, following a legal framework is one of our priorities.

Stay tuned :) and thanks for your support!

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My nickname is  HotPulp52, biggest win +4900.00 EDG
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Here’s example:

Hi. My nickname is User12345. Biggest win +300.80 EDG

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