Day after Edgeless ICO start and Black Jack Beta

Hey blockchain community and gambling enthusiasts!

The Edgeless team are extremely happy to have successfully reached the 1st milestone on the first day of the ICO, raising 52 000 ETH. (960.000$)

Milestone 1 guarantees the Edgeless Project to the gambling market, and our solidity programmers already started working on it.

In this milestone we guarantee to develop:

  • 0% house Black Jack
  • Edgeless Lounge Lottery
  • Proper bankroll management system

Some additional deliverables we are considering which were not included in our white paper:

  • A Smart Contract which would allow people to bet for a casino/ to a casino’s bankroll.

This is similar to the system currently used by BTC casinos. People can bet on the casino’s bankroll and receive a certain amount of return. Over a long run, the casino’s bankroll wins.

However all BTC casino owners can easily “drain profits”, creating admin accounts and rigging odds specifically for that account.

In our case, everything is based on a Smart Contract so all information is public and people can be sure that their profits are not being drained.

Black Jack beta

Second really excisting thing is 0% house edge Black Jack Beta. Our developers are working hard on a 0% house Edge Black Jack. We expect to launch a beta version on Ethereum Test Net in late March. Stay tuned, more details are coming soon.

Further goals we are working on in the coming week.

  • 0% house edge Black Jack Montecarlo simulation. We will soon be publishing the rules of a Black Jack game which offers a 0% house edge when played at optimal strategy. We will also be publishing files for a Montecarlo simulation, which you can view on your own or provide us with feedback on rule changes.
  • Building an EDG token infrastructure and adding it on etherscan, parity and other necessary ethereum infrastructure units.
  • Continuing work on an ICO and spreading the word about how an ethereum casino startup is going to disrupt the whole industry

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